The Poets Roads of Stoke Newington

My Franklin g-g-grandparents William and Elizabeth lived in two different streets in Stoke Newington, north London, in an area known as the Poets Roads. The streets in this area are named after various English poets – Milton, Shakespeare and Spencer. Around 1861 the Franklins lived in Spencer Road (now Spencer Grove) and in 1871 they lived in Shakespeare Road (now Shakespeare Walk).

It is interesting to find that this area was severely bombed during WWII and many of the houses in the area were badly damaged or destroyed – there is now a mix of Victorian and post-war buildings. I have attached a map showing the bombed areas – this and some other photos are at:

Shakespeare Walk is the street with purple colouring on both sides, in the centre of the map.

The Franklin’s house at number 73 Shakespeare Walk stood where the entrance to Butterfield Green is now. Butterfield Green was established after the Victorian houses were demolished in the 1980s.

I was astonished to learn whilst googling for info about this that the area also was the site of one of the earliest bombs dropped by a zeppelin in WWI. What those poor residents must have gone through over two wars! It seems so wrong that civilian areas were targeted by either side. See:

Here is some photos of Shakespeare Walk taken in 2010.

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